The Project on Civilian-Military Educational Cooperation

Bridging the worlds of liberal arts and military education to the benefit of both


The Mellon Foundation Project on civilian-military educational cooperation was a seven year initiative designed to create opportunities for academic and social interaction between students at selected liberal arts colleges and students at selected military education institutions. Like many good ideas, the Mellon Project was based on a simple premise – that the best way to cultivate trust and familiarity between civilians and members of the military is to provide these communities with opportunities to get to know each other while they are students. Mellon-sponsored events included joint seminars, exercises, curriculum development workshops, and social events. With the generous support of the Mellon Foundation, literally thousands of students at the 13 participating institutions came together to share ideas and to get to know each other. When the funding support for the Project ended in 2018 all of the participating institutions agreed that it would be valuable to sustain the habits of cooperation which had been developed over seven years. This website is designed to serve that purpose, by functioning as a platform for continued communication between students and faculty at the participating institutions. The website provides information on upcoming events. It also facilitates discussion among experts regarding three issues that were frequently raised by participants in the Mellon Project:

1. How do civilian and military education institutions teach courses on Grand Strategy? What needs to be taught in a course on Grand Strategy?
2. Issues relating to civilian and military higher education, such as Professional Military Education, ROTC on liberal arts campuses.
3. Issues relating to civilian-military interaction in the formulation and management of U.S. foreign policy.

Read more about the issue in Douglas Stuart’s article for e-IR, “Civil-Military Relations in the U.S.: What Needs to be Done?”

Project Director: Professor Douglas T. Stuart, Dickinson College




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This project originally supported by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.