2018 Events

2018 Mellon Simulation “Diplomacy and Crisis Action:  Russia and NATO in the Baltics”

Virginia Military Institute and Washington & Lee University will host the 2018 Mellon Simulation in Lexington VA during the period March 9-11, 2018.  The topic of the simulation is “Diplomacy and Crisis Action:  Russia and NATO in the Baltics.”  Each of the 13 institutions involved in the Mellon Project  is invited to send two students to this simulation. Please send the names and contact information for the two students who will represent your institution at the simulation to stuart@dickinson.edu.

Photos of the Simulation

Final Meeting of Mellon Grant Institutions

One or two representatives (faculty or administrators)  from each of the 13 participating institutions are invited to attend a meeting at the Naval War College in Newport RI on March 29-30, 2018.  This will be the final meeting of representatives of the 13 participating institutions.  The main goal will be to discuss ideas for continuing civ-mil educational cooperation after the Mellon grant concludes in June 2018.  All attendees should plan to arrive in Newport in time for dinner on March 29.  The meeting will take place on the morning of the 30th and will conclude with lunch. Please send the name(s) and contact info of the representative(s) of your institution to stuart@dickinson.edu.

NAFAC Conference

The US Naval Academy has once again extended an invitation to all 13 participating institutions to send two students from each institution to the annual NAFAC conference which will take place in Annapolis during the period April 10-12, 2018.  The topic of this year’s NAFAC is “Guarding Liberty in a World of Democratic Undoing.”  Please send the names and contact info of the two students who will represent your institution at NAFAC to stuart@dickinson.edu.

Roundtable Discussion

Join students from the American National Security Studies course and their U.S. Army War College Mentors for roundtable discussions at Dickinson College. These events will take place in Denny Hall room 304 on February 28th, March 28th and April 25th.



Information on reimbursements and other financial transactions is here.